California Dreamin'


Spring colors reside within each piece as well as resurfaced memories. I encountered so many moments while I was painting the series, saying to myself: "I remember when ..." as the memories go back almost 40 years. Starting with enjoying an ice cream in the hot summer sun at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach to living my college years in South Mission Beach, to watching the nightly Sea World fireworks over Mission Bay. But what I love about the piece is that you create your own story when acquiring the work. 

While documenting the California Coast I use color to spark imagination or deepen overlooked beauty we sometimes miss. Recently a collector told me I paint with "California Sunlight". And that's something I never realized, because I take our sunshine for granted.  Whether intentional or not, so much of these landscapes include unimaginable colors which often appear in the sky but also will include a purple or orange road, a yellow freeway, green skies that shift the mood of each location. 

About the medium: (How the art is made)

Many of the pieces were created with acrylic paint (all professional grade) on canvas paper or pellon (fabric) and then mounted to the cradled wood panels. The panels are great as a stand alone, on a shelf, or can be framed. Each piece also has UV varnish for additional protection. 

A few of the piece are custom size panels that are 1 3/4" thick that can easily stand alone, but if you were to frame it would need to be custom. Two of the pieces are on "edgeless panels" that float off the wall by 2 "

For square or standard size art here is a link to some affordable floating frames ($20 to $40) that come in a variety of colors. (Floating Frames Link) Make sure the INNER dimensions of the frame is the same size as the OUTER dimension of the original art when ordering.

Prints now available.