Artist Statement

I make art from what is around me physically and mentally, past and present. The unmitigated range in my work is a statement of me, my observations, broken down into sections of my personality, and depicted in series as I travel back and forth in thought, connecting these varied interests in my art to coexist. As a native Californian, I am concerned with the development/destruction of our coastal community.  Using unobstructed nature as a base point, I add figures, objects and architectural lines which manifest in my work.

I work within the grid as an homage to the past modern/minimalist art, when the grid structure and controlled space was used to simplify an object.  In today’s digital age, the grid, whether developed or undeveloped, we all have a place in it.  Each piece is worked through layers of acrylic and digital media, comprised of historical and researched images, which are then placed within the grid. The medium is forced back and forth, until I've reached the depth and personal meaning for each area. A reflection of this can be seen in my series "Secluded and Convenient".

Whether in structured or intuitive work, composition and color are very important and my final objective is achieved when the piece can be viewed in different directions.  My work feels complete when the balance of loose paint application and calming, reinforcing lines create a synergy that is contrasting but also harmonious.