Framing Recommendations

The most often asked question is how do I frame my artwork. 

Professional Framing. The best way to get the custom look you want is to take it to a professional framer. If you have never been it can be daunting. And the costs quickly add up. Make sure you have a good referral for a framer. I have an excellent referral if you are looking for one in San Diego.  For sentimental pieces it is definitely worth the investment.

"Ready to Hang" Framed prints. This is most convenient way and affordable way to go but you are limited frame colors from manufacturer. 

Framing Prints on a budget? The source I recommend most often is Utrecht art supplies. You want to make sure you order the frame by measuring your artwork and making sure that if there is a mat border you get inside dimensions of the mat boarder so that your art fits correctly. 

 These are great great metal frames that have noe mat border and come in 10 x 10" , 12 x 12"  that will fit with the prints from Sunny Creek Studios. 


Blick Metal Frame - 10'' x 10'' x 1'', Black

Or if you like a sleek contemporary look, the Snap frames are affordable and clean. It really just depends on your personal style.


Nielsen Bainbridge Snap Poster Frame - Black, 16'' x 20''



If you are looking for something with a small mat border I personally like 


Blick Sheffield Frame - Black, 12



Framing Canvas: Original Canvas and Giclee canvas prints need no frame but can really make a statement with a floating frame. I love these simple and clean frames from Utrecht. Make sure you order the depth of the frame to match the depth of the canvas.



Framing Original Art:

Canvas Boards and flat panels. There are two ways I like to frame these. In a plein air frame, with a 3" border available on Utrecht. They are so easy to use but are only for original art that is 1/2" deep or less. There is no glass or backing. But one of my favorites.


Blick Simplon Frame - 11'' x 14'' x 1/2'', Gold Leaf

or even a poster frame with a mat can work. Here's an example of a simple poster frame that worked great with this piece. 

Cradled Wood Panels: These look great on their own or can really look sharp with a floater frame. Make sure if you are purchasing an original piece of art that you know the dept. (1/2" or 1 1/2") and that you order the correct depth of the frame as well to match the art.

Blick Floater Frame - 8'' x 10'' x 7/8'', Black


Edgeless wood panels: These need no frame at all. They are custom made for Sunny Creek Studios and they float 2 to 3" off the wall with a 45 deg. beveled edge.