"Little Boxes on the Hillside" - Sunny-Creek-Studios
"Little Boxes on the Hillside" - Sunny-Creek-Studios

Little Boxes on the Hillside

Original is 40 x 50" artwork is sold. 


"Secluded & Convenient" is a visual story about past, present and future in a scarce undeveloped area in Carlsbad, North County San Diego. The inspiration comes from hidden gems in plain sight. Artist Kate Joiner draws upon an area physically close to her, as she is mesmerized by the objects and structures once cherished. Her work depicts a wide range of snapshots, tucked away for safety, including an abandoned equestrian farm, a vacant lot owned by Walmart, migrant workers who toil seven days a week, and the threat of California fires in protected brush. What some see as discarded, she imagines a narrative that came from the remnants and ponders what will become of the land's future development.

[Her] “work exhibits a definite mood and tone. Each piece feels like it’s a part of a story. Each image could serve as a warm reminder of memories long since faded.”(Gregory Siragusa, Co-Owner, Gallery at Marina Square,)

Often working with an intuitive style and randomness, Joiner uses a variety of techniques in her process. It can start with thrown paint, incorporated digital media and structured composition, as the images are tuned and developed, only be to picked apart, erased and left behind.


Kate Joiner’s work "Little Boxes on the Hillside”is reminiscent of some of Cezanne’s later landscapes, yet the distinct gridlines in the sky again recall that of David Hockney. Joiner conveys a sense of a hierarchy in her landscape, and by doing so, she draws the eye in and centers the viewer’s focus. Her use of color suggests an arid landscape, and alludes to a scene at sunset without blatantly doing so.(Christine O’Donnell, Owner, Beacon Gallery, Boston)


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