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Art: Figure, "Reclining Nude"

Original Art. "Reclining Nude"

by Kate Joiner, 2018/2019

24" x 12" x 1 13/4"

Acrylic, pastel, paper, acrylic medium mounted on cradled birch panel.

Black and white reclining nude was started in 2018 and completed in 2019. This piece is black and buff colored, with subtle warm bronze paint peeking though giving the piece a little more life.  

The words written in the background are created through spontaneous thoughts, somewhat related to the piece. I have been exploring the what happens to your thoughts during insomnia. As a study, I recorded my thoughts during a sleepless night and found they were all non-sequiturs. So the words "She Finally can rest" is slightly hidden on this piece  and unfinished just like the thoughts in the night.

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